Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Passing

Michael's (my husband's) granddad passed away Tuesday night. (Thanks, Ceci, Cortney, & AGK, for your loving words. Ceci & Cortney, I hope we can talk sometime next week after we've returned. *hugs*)

All weekend things were touch-and-go; his granddad was off all of the medications and he actually seemed to be improving a bit, though we knew it probably wouldn't be for long. It was more of a swan song. We finally left his parents' house on Monday morning to drive back here, as his granddad was surviving indefinitely, and we couldn't continue taking vacation time when we weren't really doing anything but waiting.

We were notified Wednesday morning of his passing.

I'm sorry I haven't been around much online, but even though we've been back since late Monday night, we both knew we'd probably have to be traveling again soon, and things were so up in the air. I've been having to prepare and such, and put my work off until we return next week.

So, I've got a lot to do today with laundry and such, since we've leaving early tomorrow.

This time, to save on gas, we're driving up to Dallas (5 hour drive) tomorrow morning, where Michael's sister and her husband live. We're going to pile into their car and drive the extra 2.5 hours to Oklahoma. We'll stay overnight Friday night, and Saturday will be the funeral. I think we'll be driving back to Dallas Saturday night, stay over with sis-in-law, and then return to our house Sunday afternoon/evening. We have a marriage class at church that night, and Michael is taking an extra bereavement day on Monday, to rest up. I may be online a little on Monday, because of that, but from tomorrow morning, until Monday, I won't have internet access.

I look forward to returning and catching up with everything here soon! Thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts.
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