Monday, January 30, 2006

The Rule of Four Meme

Dawno referred to us this meme, which she found at Making Light.

Four jobs you've had in your life:
1. Writer
2. Editor/Proofreader
3. Student
4. Bookstore Clerk

Four movies you could watch over and over:
1. Little Women
2. The Princess Bride
3. You've Got Mail
4. A Knight's Tale

Four Places you've lived:
1. Long Island, NY
2. Cleveland, TN
3. Central Florida
4. Houston, TX

Four TV shows you love to watch:
2. Firefly (on DVD since it was cancelled)
3. Myth Busters (Unfortunately we don't have cable at the moment.)
4. Jeopardy

Four Places you've been on vacation:
1. Boston, MA
2. Orlando, FL
3. Ghana, West Africa
4. Ontario, Canada

Four websites you visit daily:
3. All Info About Musicals
4. MySpace

Four of your favorite foods:
1. Oreos
2. Mashed Potatoes
3. Oranges
4. Kiwi fruit

Four places you'd rather be:
1. In Tennessee with my husband
2. Visiting my family in Florida with my husband
3. In a bookstore
4. In a library

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Monday, January 23, 2006

AbsoluteWrite Monday Meme #6

Recipe Meme

Open your refrigerator. What is the first item on the left at the front of the 'fridge on the top shelf.

Open the food cupboard closest to the stove. What is the first food item on the right on the bottom shelf (you may go up a shelf if your bottom shelf holds pet food or non-food stuff)

Find online or create for us from your imagination, a recipe using those two things as primary ingredients.

In my fridge and pantry:

fridge: Raspberry Dannon Fruit on the Bottom yogurt
cupboard: Betty Crocker Triple Chunk Brownie mix

Recipe: Yogurt brownies

Categories: None
Yield: 1 Servings
1 pk Family size fudge brownie mix
c Plain nonfat yogurt (Mine isn't plain, though)
Egg white; (or 1/4 cup egg substitute)
1 ts Pure vanilla extract
Preheat oven to 350 degrees (325 degrees if using glass pan). In large bowl mix egg white, vanilla, and yogurt. Stir in brownie mix and stir until just blended. Mixture will be very thick. Spray 9x13x2 pan with nonstick cooking spray and spread mixture in pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-22 minutes, watching carefully not to overbake. Let cool at least 2 hours before cutting in 24 brownies. Each brownie equals 100 calories and 1.5 grams of fat.

Link to recipe and information here!

There's my recipe.

What's yours?!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AbsoluteWrite Monday Meme #5

Last Live Music Show Seen: Wow, I haven't been to a concert in several years. My husband and I saw the touring cast of the Broadway musical Wicked in November. I'm not sure if it counts, but it is a musical.

Last CD Purchased: Currently collecting DVDs, though I used to buy CDs all the time. Last one bought was probably Broadway's The Lion King.

Last Thing Cooked: A ground beef stew recipe I stumbled upon recently.

Last New Thing Eaten: Malt-o-Meal's version of Cheerios, called Scooters.

Last Thing Bought: A 5-book haul at Barnes and Noble's clearance tables!

Last Gift Received: I can't remember the last gift my mom gave us for Christmas, as we just visited within the last 2 weeks, so the last actual gifts I recember receiving specifically are 2 adorable pairs of soda bottle cap earrings made by my husband. :o)

Last Piece of Clothing Bought or Received as a Gift: Do purses count? LOL! Okay, an adorable black sweater with a mock green/blue/stripey shirt underneath, and French cuffs. From my mom. She has great taste. :o)

Last Embarrassing Experience: Jumbling my words when talking with a girl friend I haven't seen since high school.

Last Totally New Experience: Cast member in a musical premier January 10, 2006.

Last Foreign Country Visited, if any: Canada, though it doesn't seem so foreign. Before that, Mexico and Ghana, West Africa.

Last Big Achievement: Having the honor of my personal essay "A Walk in the Clouds" accepted in the Stories of Strength anthology.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

AbsoluteWrite Monday Meme #4

1. What is your most hated and dreaded household chore. Why?

I don't know about hated and dreaded, but I'm not too keen on mopping the floor. I'm a little OCD, so I have a tendency of trying to not leave any suds whatsoever behind, and overdoing the mopping in general. Hubby usually mops for me. :o) On the other hand, I enjoy cleaning the bathroom. Am I weird or what?

2. Do you ever drink out of the beverage container or always pour a glass?

I usually pour a glass, but sometimes I drink straight out of the container. It's just hubby and myself. We don't do this with stuff that might be shared with company, though. And I never did it until I got married, and caught hubby doing it.

3. Over the counter pain relief: Aspirin, acetominiphen or ibuprophen? (if those aren't your options, what are?)

Hmm. I can't remember the scientific names or if they correlate to any of these, but we prefer Tylenol and Aleve.

4. What was the first car (or motorcycle if that's the case) you bought for yourself?

I've never bought one for myself, but as a couple our first vehicle bought together was/is our Chevy Trailblazer.

5. It's a lovely, sunny weekend day. What would you go do if you could do whatever you wanted to do (within your usual means).

Pack a picnic in the park!

6. Name your favorite board game.

I love Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble!

7. How many blankets do you sleep under and how many pillows do you use?

2 and 1/2 blankets (1 sheet, 1 electric blanket [warm, though it's rarely on], and the comforter at our feet.) 2 pillows.

8. How many pets and of what type do you currently live with? You may name them if you wish.

We have one cat, with too many names to list here, though his "given" name is Cougar.

9. Biggest grammar peeve.

Anything related to "leet speak."

10. Favorite flower or other plant, should you not be into flowers.


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Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Stuff at Writers Remember

Lots of new stuff at Writers Remember, with even more coming soon, on January 13! Our latest newsletter issue is available here.

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