Thursday, June 08, 2006

Round One of the Blogosphere Project: AWChain

So, Towerkel at AbsoluteWrite has started the first round of Blogosphere Project: AWChain, and I'm the second in line after Towerkel's post.

Let's see, what's new since my last post? Oh, that's is back up, and so are the forums. Hooray!!!

And just when the forums are back up, and I'm getting back into the swing of things on the forums, I have to go out of town for a week. Our choir is going on a tour throughout several states. I've been stressed about it for a while, factoring in some personal details and health issues, but now I'm actually kind of looking forward to it! And even if I'm out-of-it now and then throughout the trip, once we get on stage and start singing things turn around, and I can't help but get excited! Especially since we're going to Chicago first. Maybe we can get to see Wicked (the musical (again!). (Reminder: I must record the Tony Awards!)

Thinking of Chicago reminds me of six summers ago when I spent a two weeks in Boston. There's just something about older, bigger cities. So much history. Chicago is where Shoeless Joe Jackson played, where the Black Sox scandal took place. New York City, Boston, Chicago. Love the old cities.

And maybe I can get some Dunkin Donuts while we're there. They're hard to find in Houston. It seems to be either Southern Maid donuts or nothing. Oh, and Shipley's Donuts, which are actually good. Mmm, donuts. Definitely need to get some of those.

You know what's kind of addicting? They have all these new features. (I spent more time than I should have updating mine!) You can build your own profile, share multiple wishlists, even have recommended lists! The author plogs (yes, plogs, not blogs) are fun, too! Check out Jenna's and Ray's!

Sorry this post is so short and random, but I'm still packing and preparing. The one not-so-fun thing about this trip? No internet access. Blah. Oh well. It'll be fun. :o)

Okay Kira, you're next!

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