Thursday, September 01, 2005

Out of Commission for a While

My husband just called me; we'd been planning a weekend trip to his parents' house to visit with his grandparents, as his granddad hasn't been well for a long time, and is now getting worse. We were supposed to leave tomorrow morning, drive to his sister's house in Dallas, and then spend the night there, before driving to Oklahoma on Saturday morning. We were due to return on Sunday evening.

The leaving date of tomorrow morning is still the same.

However, his father just called and told him that Hospice has said it may not be long now, so we're not sure when we'll return. We're bringing enough clothes and such for a week, in case he passes during the weekend, since the funeral would only be a few days later.

*sigh* This is difficult for me, and I know it must be moreso for Michael. His granddad has not been coherent or responsive since before we met, so I've never known him any other way. It's difficult for me to sit there and not know what to say or do, and I don't really feel comfortable. I don't really feel like I have a place there in times of such stress.

Please pray and/or think happy thoughts for us. My in-laws have dial-up internet access, so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to log on and check in, but I will try to let you know whenabouts I might return.

Note: I have several websites (All Info About musicals, beauty, and marriage) that were going to be updated tomorrow and this weekend, but as these circumstances have come up, the updates will be completed at a later date.
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